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Text to ASCII generator (With fonts!)
DuckMonkey (6)

Text to ASCII generator

So um I made this generator that converts text into ASCII. I had a little help from my friend Vladimir but I made the while True loop, the font list request-er, and the pass/break function for the loop.

Sorry to the mods for my last post (NSFW) 😅

Anyway, I hope you guys like it!

Brendan23 (139)

@FuckingMonke this is good!(maybe change username?)

DuckMonkey (6)

@Brendan23 I don't know how to change my username 😐

Brendan23 (139)

@FuckingMonke I don't think you can actually, unless you make a new account. honestly I think the should change that.

DuckMonkey (6)

@Brendan23 dang lol. Thanks for the kind words though!