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Text 2 Ascii Art- By me , @JWZ6, and @JBloves7
SamiOsman (41)


Me and my friend @JWZ6 made a Text 2 ASCII Art program in Python. With the help of @JBloves27 we now have animations. You can change the fonts and the color! Go upvote @JWZ6's repl.


So first, put in the text that you want to be translated in the space "Your text to ASCII:", and then press enter. After that, everything else is self-explanatory. Just want to mention, when doing color, type the number, and not the color.


@JWZ6 - The person with the idea / animation helper/ coder and debugger/ big time helper

@SamiOsman - The big time helper / animation helper/ coder and debugger
@JBloves7- animation maker / coder and debugger

I hope you enjoy this wonderful Text2ASCII art converter!

Feel free to criticize! I am open to all suggestions.