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Test Your Reactions!

I created a simple-to-use website for people to test your reactions. To use it, just go to the website. To start, hit the spacebar. The screen will turn red. Then, try to press the spacebar again as soon as the screen turns green. At the end, you'll be shown your reaction time, with a comment on how fast you reacted. (My reactions were pretty slow, averaging about 265 ms, but I got 112 ms once)

EDIT: Got 17 ms :O
EDIT: Decreased the maximum amount of time before the screen turns green, as requested by @MikeJMS8910
EDIT: Added clicking rather than pressing space as an option, as requested by @MikeJMS8910


@MikeJMS8910 Okay, now you're just using inspect element


@MikeJMS8910 Nice try, but I didn't put :O in the JS

MikeJMS8910 (231)

@ANDREWVOSS o I just had an idea on how to actually get an insane time

MikeJMS8910 (231)

@ANDREWVOSS it would only work if you made the thing click not space bar


@MikeJMS8910 If I like it, I'll add clicking as an option

MikeJMS8910 (231)

@ANDREWVOSS so I have an auto clicker and you can set it when to click. If you just make it so that it clicks at a specific point in the 0.5 - 1.5 second range and just leave it there then it will have to click sometime very close. Maybe set the clicker to click at 0.75 or something so that it would either be wrong or at the max .75 seconds off(750 millesonds I think.)


@MikeJMS8910 ok I'll add clicking then

PixiGem (104)

OMFG!!!!!!! 3 milliseconds!

Btw the world record is 0.2 millisecond

KyryloB (0)

333 milliseconds

personmandude (3)

i kind of know someone with the last name of voss. now i sound like a stalker but still


@personmandude It's a super common last name for people of German descent

JWZ6 (674)

new record for me:

SilvermoonCat (437)

my record is 7 :D noice!it’s strangely addicting

YEETMAN101 (5)

@ANDREWVOSS suggestion: you should add a leader board


@YEETMAN101 I don't think I will for 2 reasons:
1. I don't feel like making a backend for the leaderboard
2. So many people have times that are like 3 ms

YEETMAN101 (5)

@ANDREWVOSS can u atleast add the top person

YEETMAN101 (5)

@ANDREWVOSS maybe you can add the top person?


@YEETMAN101 You have the highest possible score, so there isn't even a competition lol

UpByTheStars (3)

When your reaction time is so good that the entire thing crashes before giving you a negative -987. No idea why this happens but its a weird bug that I presume is super rare so you probaly dont need to fix it. This can just be an explenation for anybody who gets a negative time:)

RishiMohanty (11)

193 Milliseconds

maxina (63)

EDIT: I got 3 ms

Orca20 (73)

Record is 17 milliseconds lol . This is called spamming the spacebar.
Edit: 6 milliseconds now!
Edit: Got 6 again lol.

JWZ6 (674)

without lookin i got 108ms

IGamer123 (75)

I didn't even know I could do that. Awesome