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Telium - Sci-fi Text Based Adventure!
CameronLONGBOTT (5)

Hi there! I made this game as an end of year school project and would like some feedback from people on what i could do to make it better. We were given the template however the majority of the code is of my own making (i apologise if its a bit janky).

Just like to share and maybe get some feedback in order to make my game better, or any bugs etc that people find

LordPython404 (12)

I get this bug when I try to pick it up for the 2+ time.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 763, in <module>
File "", line 749, in mainscreen
File "", line 729, in mainscreen
NameError: name 'w_spawn_npcs' is not defined

CameronLONGBOTT (5)

@LordPython404 thank u, could i ask what youre trying to pick up?

CameronLONGBOTT (5)

@LordPython404 i do believe ive fixed the problem, just a typo