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🐍 Take the source from any website with one change of text!

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Source Grabber

Welcome to my second programmers blog! Today, we are presenting the SourceGrabber Python Script! This script only uses the requests library. Please do not use this to steal website source and re-use the website source without the original owners premission. Use this on your own websites to test it out.

🐍 Let's Jump In!

Staring off, you will need to locate line 3, after finding the line change to the website you want to grab the source from. Simply press run and index.html will be created. After this file is crated your console should say something like this:

Process complete: Check out index.html!

This signals that the script has finished with no issues, now you are free to return to the index.html file. Everything should be there. This script re-writes over the orignal text, so there is no need to delete the index.html if you want to change the website domain, simple return to line 3 and change the link, then re-run the program.

📬 Ending Note

Thanks for using this script, hope you had fun today, if you have any questions mention be in the comments below! (Or you can email me with this email: [email protected]). Be sure to update this post and fork the repl below for access!

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Make it accept an input, forking a project to use it is annoying