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[TESTING] 📞 Voice and Text chat with WebSockets! 🌐
19wintersp (1142)


Communicate with your friends over voice and text.

This is just a testing site for a bigger project; you may have guessed that it is called Polyphony. Whilst that's still being built though, you can try this out!

Important: this doesn't work on most mobile browsers, because {{ I don't know }} .

I know how ugly this is, it's just for testing concepts and backend code. The finished version will (should) have permanent messages, roles, moderation, proper servers with admins, and user accounts. This will be buggy, and I'll try to fix any bugs reported in the comments.


dudeactualdev (148)

@19wintersp .. it ban on chromium booklets

19wintersp (1142)


chromium booklets

What are those?

19wintersp (1142)

@RyanGardiner1 Oh, this is kind of out-of-support now, so I don't really want to update it. I think @​Crosis made one which remvoed the blocker.

Chromium is completely separate; "Chromium Books" aren't a thing, they're Google's thing.

Baconman321 (1097)

@19wintersp Some people use chromebooks that aren't school computers. You shouldn't block user agents (very bad practice and was the main problem back during the netscape-IE war in the beginning of the internet age)

19wintersp (1142)

@Baconman321 Believe me, I know it's bad practice, and I know people use Chromebooks outside of school, but I couldn't think of another 5-minute solution to respond to an angry email from a teacher.

techde (141)

@19wintersp though it seems unfinished.

19wintersp (1142)

@techde Certainly: it's just for testing how the backend will work. Polyphony (the full thing) is a massive project, and I want a way to test things in the meantime.

techde (141)

@19wintersp sorry for the long wiat ye that makes sense, just make sure u get the users consent before joining a call!

19wintersp (1142)

@techde Put a little confirm box in the calling function now, thanks for the suggestion.