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TEMPORARY Page Hacking
akhilzebra (2)

This shows you the basics of temporarily hacking webpages. Why, since it's only temporary, you ask? Well, not entirely. You can take a screenshot of your edits and save it. Experiment with the buttons, then learn how to do this on any page using only your bookmarks! Or, go further, and use your browser's developer tools or console to go above and beyond.

AnimalLover09 (6)

I love your repl. I have been playing around with it. I also did the same to my official school website. Can you see my projects as well?

akhilzebra (2)

Ok sure
But I only understand HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS
I'm trying to imagine what you did to your school website lol

AnimalLover09 (6)

@akhilzebra I added puctures and text with the console.