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Syncify - Sync music with your friends, mess with coworkers/teachers/etc
BrysonVan1 (11)

I created this for April Fools Day, 2021. The day before, my friend challenged me to create a joke like this. So, overnight, I put this together. It's relatively simple - get your friends on the site, have them follow the simple instructions, and the host (you) clicks play. When we tested this in my class (we have a great teacher with a sense of humor) and it was pretty loud when playing on 8 chromebooks at the same time. It's a relatively harmless prank which makes it great. I hope you enjoy! Try this with your friends! I can't wait to see stories in the comments :).
You can load your own music in, fork the project, upload to the public folder as music.mp3, and it should update.
Have ideas? Let me know! (There are a few things I need to fix - those will come in a later update! The joke is still fully functional.)