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💻 Super simple, super easy Screen Recorder! 💻
EpicGamer007 (1644)

This is a super simple screen recorder made with WebRTC

I used the share screen feature of webrtc to record a screen, then I display the video and make it downloadable. Super simple stuff.

But for me, the part which I am most proud of is using XML. I was going to use xhtml however because .xhtml uses html syntax highlighting, I ended up using xml so that I can get proper syntax highlighting.

I used xml-stylesheet for styling and set stuff like defer to defer="defer", and xml in the end was not all that different from html.

The one problem you might encounter is when I add a download button for the screen recorded video, in the xml document, you will not see the "button" as in it will look like a paragraph for some weird reason.

Hope you enjoy it ;)