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Stellar 2.0 A Python OS

This is a simple python coded OS called Stellar.

Apps include:

  • a two number calculator
  • a password generator program which also
    rates passwords for you
  • a datetime clock with a timer
  • a VFS(a Virtual File System)
  • a GameHub containing:
    • TicTacToe
    • Guess The Number
    • 2048 (incomplete)

Update contains:

  • Fixed TicTaceToe bugs
  • Added VFS
  • Changed text colours
  • Added 2048


  • @AJS77 with whom i made the original versions of the Calculator and Guess
    The Number
  • @CodeLongAndPros for suggesting the VFS
  • @ApoorvAgrawal for suggesting the Password Rater in the Password
  • @CodingCactus for letting me use the source code of 2048

Sorry if you find my code is very messy.

When you create a file in the VFS and you want to view it manually go to Stellar-20/Apps/VFS Files/ to see them.

Constructive feedback is appreciated.


The tic tac toe is a bit broken when you try to take a spot for the second time it infinitely prints 'That spots taken'.


@R1l3yP yeah that one is a bit bugged. I’m trying to make it work only when you play a spot thats taken. Then its supposed to be your turn again but it just goes to the next person.


Constructive feedback is appreciated.

VFS. (Virtual File System)


@CodeLongAndPros Done. What do you think?