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👍 Steam Market Item Scraper 👍
CowNationz (52)


This is a python program that is used to get information about a market item on steam! This program uses urllib to grab data from the steam market and then parses that data using json. This program supports any game (as long as you know the appid) and supports many different currency types!


Steam market API only allows 19 requests per minute You will get a Too Many Requests error if you exceed this!
ERROR: Internal Server Error means that the item does not exist, check that the appid is the right game for that item, and the item is spelled correctly.


Feedback is appreciated! To view the project on github go to

masfrost (124)

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mkhoi (299)

@masfrost How did you do that?

21natzil (1199)

I remember working with the steam api.... wasn't particularly fun, so I hope you have fun.

CowNationz (52)

@21natzil Meh, it wasn't too bad, as long as you view the item in the priceoverview mode you can just get the json and parse it.