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Startup looking for a designer (paid) - entering repl ventures
rafrafraf (1390)

Myself and @MarcusWeinberger are creating a startup to apply for Repl Ventures, and are looking for a graphic designer!

What we're looking for

  • A creative mind with a passion for UI/UX design
  • Experience with logos and animation (not required)
  • A mockup design of the website we're planning

The design will be of the user experience on a communication-oriented web app. (We can't go into too much detail, further info will be disclosed if we come to an agreement)

Style/Theme of the website

  • Minimalist
  • Dark theme
  • Modular

What we're offering

  • Position in our team for Repl Ventures
  • Payment (will be discussed)

This isn't a full time job or anything, we're just two teenagers, and still in school. Payment will be based on the work you do.

What you would be doing

  • We will communicate via discord, you must be able to call at times to discuss plans
  • We have basic ideas, some plans for how it should look and behave, we need someone to make a mockup (with some creativity and your own ideas) based on our vision
  • Logo design in a few different variants, we don't have any ideas yet so this will be up to you. (not required)
  • Animations for the website, eg: loading, etc (css animation skills would be a bonus) (not required)

How to get in touch

  • Send an email with a little information about yourself, what you can offer, and if you have any questions
  • Examples of previous work would be appreciated but is not required

Email: [email protected]

Anyone can apply, regardless of skill level or experience, but we only have one position open.

MarcusWeinberger (785)

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments, too!

Whippingdot (652)

i wish i could join you 😭😭 @MarcusWeinberger

TheNethrRaven (86)

Hey! I can work on it with no charge at all :) I rlly need something to do too @MarcusWeinberger

lilykhan (854)

@MarcusWeinberger u'll pay in bitcoins? (i hope not)

MarcusWeinberger (785)

@Whippingdot Hey you're a good coder, I've seen your projects and they're always incredible!

MarcusWeinberger (785)

@TheNethrRaven We always welcome help from the community! Do you have any projects I could take a look at?

MarcusWeinberger (785)

@lilykhan nahhh we can pay in any reasonable way

Whippingdot (652)

wait umm thanks for the compliment but does that mean anything? If not its ok, I won't be sad loik other people lul @MarcusWeinberger

P.S. O and by being sad I don't mean I don't care - it just means that I will accept it.

P.S.P.S. I don't have Discord...but I do have replit and so I can reply on threads of a repl!

Whippingdot (652)

oh wait i saw the one position open... Choose @RayhanADev @MarcusWeinberger

TheNethrRaven (86)

Sorry for the late reply... I am currently working on a couple things, what would be most relevant to this project? @MarcusWeinberger

RayhanADev (2514)

@rafrafraf @MarcusWeinberger heya, I think you know me xD
Lets see qualifications:
~ Photoshop god
~ Premiere god
~ Pretty good at CSS
~ ms paint legend

Um work I've done, well literally every single pfp I've had on Replit is a custom Photoshop, my DeltaScheme logo, Replit logo variants, logos, ReplFans logos, etc.

Ooh something I'm working on right now is my portfolio. It's still a work in progress and like most things prone to break but feel free to check it out.

The best part about working with me, no need to pay :D. No catches I do freelancing and contract for free the only downside is I work on my own time no absolute deadlines. Give me a fuzzy deadline I can do it, but not this date, this time.

All in all, this will probably be your best offer ;D, and I certainly have skills to provide a legendary coding duo like you!

please hire me kthxbye

MarcusWeinberger (785)

@RayhanADev Hey, we'd love to have your help in this! Yeah I've seen plenty of your websites, and your logos are cleannnn

RayhanADev (2514)

@MarcusWeinberger heya! Yeah glad to hear your response, so how do you want to move forward with this? Do you have an idea for your first project?

rafrafraf (1390)

@RayhanADev could you add my discord so we can talk there, it would be alot easier lmao, im rafrafraf#3486

RayhanADev (2514)

@rafrafraf lmao I never like actually get on Discord sure in a few ;D.

IntellectualGuy (819)

So what is your startup going to be about?

rafrafraf (1390)

@IntellectualGuy we dont wanna give our idea away to everyone, but we’ll explain it to the designer we choose

ch1ck3n (2044)

you must be able to call at times to discuss plans

  1. i have no confidence whatsoever in my voice
  2. i hate public speaking eve not only two people
  3. i sleep 24/7

Yes I can design UI and all that but I want you guys to do the thinking/mockup and me to do the website designing im better at coding rather than brainstorming/thinking

rafrafraf (1390)

@novaflippers thats the issue, were better at the coding than making the mock up or brainstorming lol


@rafrafraf yes lool, i get ideas from friends when I make projects

realTronsi (926)

Bitcoin as payment sounds rather sketchy


@realTronsi replit gives bitcoin to startups


@realTronsi Yeah from the repl ventures


@realTronsi And they give it in bitcoin bc if they give say 2000$ worth of it the btc price is always rising so the startup could multiply the money