Escape the Dungeon!

Context: You have just entered a dungeon with hopes of treasure. What you found instead is a death trap! Navigate through the dungeon to get the key and escape with your life! Will you make it out, or will you add to the mysterious dungeon's countless victims?

Controls: Arrows to move, up arrow or space to jump, enter to interact with your surroundings. Game sounds ON is recommended. Press ENTER to re enter into the dungeon.

NOTE: Audio is a little funny, and will likely change. For example: the death sound is a filler, and will likely change within the week. Same with the music. OPEN A NEW TAB FOR BEST EXPERIENCE

////////////////////////Version 1.1////////////////////////////////
*fixed spike hitboxes

////////////////////////Version 1.2////////////////////////////////
*Added two new levels!

////////////////////////Version 1.3////////////////////////////////
*Nerfed that really hard first jump on the last level.

////////////////////////Version 1.4////////////////////////////////
Added da meme music
Added the endgame medal
*Added the ability to go back into the dungeon.

////////////////////////Version 1.5////////////////////////////////
Added WASD controls
Fixed the bug when going back into the dungeon.

////////////////////////Version 1.7////////////////////////////////
Biggest update yet!
Added the death vial
Added the darkness


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@SreyasSabbani Glad you think so! Have fun, and let me know if you ever beat it!