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Squares [Game by @alsike]


Squares is a text-based adventure game created by @alsike. The game revolves around the choices you make as the player. While unfinished at the moment, the game already has a solid story line set out and will be updated and improved as time passes.


@alsike : Head Developer (and everything else)


  • May 15th, 2021 (version: Alpha)

    • Added more to Scene 1-x
    • Created a nicer title (Not perfect)
    • Added the ability to name your character
  • May 13-14th, 2021 (version: Alpha)

    • Cleaned code
    • Scene 1-1 Finished
    • This article was created

Also Don't Press Anything Unless You're Told To Or The Text Stops Rolling. When The Text Stops, You Press Enter. I'm Working On Better Visuals And Other Things But This Project Is Not My First Priority, So Be Patient. <3