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Square Game (Super Fun {better than it sounds, have a look!})
Logimite (193)

So basically, you are a square. you try to eat your food (red square), but the more you eat, the more clones try to attack you. If you touch a clone, you die. This may not sound interesting, but try to play, and you will see how fun it is.

HarveyH (218)

A nice game, a bit hard though. But it deserves an upvote for me!

madmonster (34)

SUPER hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JaumeSebastia (1)

Very good game but when you eat the red square you cannot move oppositly in the same line. I mean if you move vertically up then you cannot move vertically down in the same track. I just wanted to show that error.

Is a greate game.

Logimite (193)

@JaumeSebastia I know im 2 years late but I don't understand lol.