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Spud_The_Bouncing_Potato!!! 🥔
Bookie0 (6263)

Heyo everybody!

This is a little program in Pygame, which I changed a few things.

All credit of the code goes to @eankeen in their post

All I did was add Spud and change a few other things.

Thanks to @CodingCactus for helping me change the size.

Have a fantastic day!!!

syflexer (480)

i like to make games in pygame maybe you would like to help make one together

Bookie0 (6263)

I dont know anything is Pygame, what i know is from looking at the original person’s code, sorry about that, but i can help you get some ideas if you want....
:) @syflexer

syflexer (480)

@Bookie0 well its easy to learn if u already know python but i have just been looking for somet=one to write pygame with for a while now

Bookie0 (6263)

Well yeah i know python, so ok maybe we can do something together idk. Im very busy this week, but next week i should be fine...
:D @syflexer

syflexer (480)

@Bookie0 ok i will talk to you then