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SortaSpeedtest [Updated!]
tussiez (1691)


I was having serious lag issues with a secret game I'm working on, so I wrote this Repl to measure ping and verify my Internet connection wasn't the problem.

For an equal comparison, Node.js and is used.


  • Samples average ping
  • Determines "FPS"
  • Update: Adjusts graph size to fit data
    SortaGrapher is used to plot the average ping on a <canvas>.
  • "Ping-pong" based: the client pings the server and waits for a response.
  • Data size can be changed via a slider to reflect real performance - a random string is sent with varying length.


Because TCP is used to send packets, any data that is "missed" will be retransmitted, thus creating average pings below 16ms (1000/60, 60 pps).

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