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Solar System | A Model P.S. It's 3-D!
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Welcome to Solar System | A Model! I have made a model for the solar system. It currently has the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt. I used p5's Easycam Library, WEBGL, and p5.js.

How to use

Right-click or scroll to zoom in and out.
Left-click to drag and find the perfect angle.
Press "O" for the orbits.

Special Feature

It is actually a 3-D model!


It took so long to make and find the right measurements.

If you find a bug, please tell me in the comments.
If you liked it, please upvote.
If you disliked it, please type why in the comments.
If you want something added, please tell me in the comments

I will add the gas giants later if we can get two upvotes.
I know it is a lot, but I know we can reach it.

EDIT: I am adding the Gas Giants!

Thank you very much!