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Soccer Sim 2.0
FloCal35 (671)

Welcome to the Soccer Sim 2.0

Watch your favorite teams play a match against each other in this game inspired by @kmurp62rulz (Original post)


  • Custom matches
  • Colors
OldWizard209 (1631)

This is pretty much the same thing as @kmurp62rulz 's post except the teams.... Which is pretty easy to implement using if statements (Exactly what u have done)...... The code is also similar.

kmurp62rulz (6)

It's fine @abdullahrajput9 he has updated my code and added some good ideas into it


Where did you get the numbers (luck , skill, ect) for each team? are they based on your own opinion or did you have a formula?

FloCal35 (671)

Own opinion and relative FIFA rankings @AidanCashman

adl212 (172)

I kinda think this isn't very realistic since like there were two red cards for liverpool against manchester.

Pizzaz4me (57)

Ok so, I am a soccer fan, and I am dissapointed that there is no Serie A or Ligue 1. HOW CAN THERE NOT BE JUVENTUS OR PSG? but it is still good

FloCal35 (671)

Lol, sorry @Pizzaz4me. I'll update it soon