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Hi, so I'm sure many of you know that classrooms was shut down on 31st Jan and has now been fully replaced by teams for education, which is a really good product.

.... however it costs a lot of money to use

This means that my school cannot use anymore to teach programming which for me is very sad, because is the only reason I know how to code.

So, I really wanted my school to keep using, so I have worked for a month or two on this - a replacement for the dead classrooms.

Now this is by no means as good as teams for education, but what it is, is a way for students to be set assignments and taught how to code!

How to do stuff

I went pretty in depth in the github readme so this will just be a basic guide.

  • You need teacher role to do teacher stuff on this.
  • make classrooms with the button on the landing page
  • Make assignments with the button on the assignments page
  • When opening the assignment for the first time, make a repl and enter it's url
  • that repl gets embeded
  • click submit when you're done with the assignment
  • teachers can the send feedback when it has been submitted


  • repl auth log in
  • landing page
    • list all classes
    • create new class (teachers only)
  • edit classroom
    • add students
      • add indivdually
      • create invite link
      • create code
    • add teachers
      • add indivdually
      • create invite link
      • create code
    • edit name, description, image
  • join class with code
  • assignments
    • create assignments
    • view list of assignments
    • embed repls in assignments
    • submit assignments
    • teacher stuff like marking and feedback
  • button to get to teacher page
  • buttons to go back to page before
  • make assignment button on teachers page as well as main classroom page
  • make student overview section in teachers page better
  • remove teachers and students from classrooms
  • edit assignments
  • delete classrooms and assignments
  • assignment modal answer
  • classroom templates

If you want a random code just to see what it's like, you can use K8AE3351G6

Hopefully you like this because I have spent a lot of time on it and if you do, please make sure to star the repo


2 years ago
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