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Skyblock Calculator by Sub01
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Welcome to the Skyblocks Calculator by Sub01!

What does this calculator offer?

  • EHP Calculator

  • Weapon Damage Calculator

  • Ability Damage Calculator

  • Minion Profit Calculator

A basic guide on using the calculator!


Ehp or ehp - when calculating Effective Health Points

Dmg or dmg - when calculating Weapon Damage

Ability or ability - when calculating Ability Damage

Minion or minion - when calculating Minion Profit


Effective Health Points (EHP)

Enter in a number such as 1000 instead of 1k for all values of the code!

Weapon Damage

Enter in a number such as 1000 instead of 1k for all values of the code!

Also enter in 400 instead of 400% for Critical Damage!

As some may wonder, HP and Enemy HP is needed for the Giant Killer and Execute enchants!

Ability Damage

Enter in a number such as 1000 instead of 1k for all values of the code!

You can also check your base ability damage by checking your weapon lore!

Yeti Sword Lore

The 4000 number is the base ability damage!

Here are all the commands for Ability Damage!

  • Yeti for Yeti Sword
  • Frozen for Frozen Scythe
  • Golem for Golem Sword
  • Ink for Ink wand
  • Leap for Leaping Sword
  • Silk for Silk Edge Sword
  • Pig for Pigman Sword
  • Aotd for Aspect of the Dragons
  • Voodoo for Voodoo Doll
  • Dread for Dreadlord Sword
  • Bonzo for Bonzo's Staff
  • Spirit for Spirit Sceptre
  • Giant for Giant's Sword
  • Midas for Midas Staff

Minion Profit Calculator

There will be several options in the beginning of the code where you will have the option to input the hours/time your minions are running!
The commands are:

  • Days or days for days

  • Hours or hours for hours

As for the minion tier, Roman Numerals is currently not supported in the code but will be in the future!

Currently, the code accepts only digits such as 11 instead of XI!

As for the price, only put down the price that the item the minion produces such as 5 for snow minions, as it produces snowballs!

Don't add the coins as well right after the price since it only accept digits!

Also, make sure that the price in the beginning is inputted as 0 if the minions are:

  • Fishing Minion

  • Cave Spider Minion

  • Spider Minion

  • Revenant Minion

  • Tarantula Minion

  • Mushroom Minion

  • Rabbit Minion

Here are the current list of commands for minions that starts with 2 words or nicknames!

Ender or ender for Enderman Minion

Magma or magma for Magma Cube Minion

Cave or cave for Cave Spider Minion

Nether or nether for Nether Wart Minion

Fish or fish or Fishing or fishing for Fishing Minion

End or end or Endstone or endstone for Endstone Minion

Cobble or cobble or Cobblestone or cobblestone for Cobblestone minion

Red or red or Redstone or redstone for Redstone Minion

Glow or glow or Glowstone or glowstone for Glowstone Minion

Dark or dark or Dark Oak or dark oak for Dark Oak Minion

Tara or tara or Tarantula or tarantula for Tarantula Minion

Rev or rev or Revenant or revenant for Revenant Minion

Patch Notes


  • Released Skyblock Calculator
  • EHP Calculator
  • Weapon Damage Calculator


  • Ability Damage Calculator


  • Minion Profit Calculator


  • Added Bazaar API onto Minion Profit Calculator!


Congrats! You managed to finish the manual for this calculator! More content will soon be released by the passing days and weeks!

I hope you will find this calculator useful in some way!


Well, the code will also include these instructions as well so feel free and find out the commands as well, listed under the question prompt of the code!

Forum Account

Feel free to check out my thread as well on The Hypixel Forums!

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