Split-Flap Display Online
Vandesm14 (2759)

Have you ever seen the split-flap displays in older airports or train stations? If not, they look like this:

I have recently been mystified by them and wondered if there was a virtual one to re-live the past. Since I couldn't find a virtual one that actually simulated the display's sound and function, I decided to make one myself!

Warning: The sound may be loud so make sure you lower your volume to save your ears!

You can find the demo site here: https://splitflap.vandesm14.repl.co/

Inspired By: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZArBfxaPzD8

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Bookie0 (6560)

Skipped reading the warning and got an earrape :(

But still very fun! :D

Vandesm14 (2759)

@Bookie0 Yeah, I should probably move the warning up a bit.