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mahcarze1 (19)

Brand new tycoon, and took me quite a bit of effort to do this
Try it out and HAVE FUN!

UniqueOstrich18 (340)

Great, but you could clear the console instead of printing a bunch of lines.

Try this code:
import os #put this at the beginning
os.system('cls' if'nt' else 'clear')

theultimateone (2)

... Wow. Real simple game mechanism. Just wait until you have enough for another small dropper, then purchase it. Repeat until you can repeatedly buy small droppers and have your money increase while you spam small droppers, then repeat with medium, then large, the a few upgraders, and then just spam large droppers forever and you will "Win" MAKE AN ENDING PLEASE!

mahcarze1 (19)

I don't want to
I am working on another repl