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Simple Farming
VincentWang3 (0)

This is just an extremely simple farm game (first try with Pygame so the code isn't so neat but it's a fun game). You plant carrots and make money. It was fun to experiment with Pygame :)

To Play.
1. Click on one of the Carrots at the bottom of the screen.
2. Click on a brown Tile.
3. Watch the Crop Info dialog. When Earned = Max Earnable, click on the sickle and click on the crop to harvest.
4. Make money!

AkhilGupta (16)

Maybe add more than 1 type of crop? That's add some content to the game.

VincentWang3 (0)

@AkhilGupta Thanks for the suggestion. I've added potato and wheat types to the crop selection - they have different grow speeds and different max income.

idrawhorsechamp (5)

You might want to add a link to the description?