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Share Bill Calculator
JuAntonio (3)

My first Project using Python. I create calculator for people who want to sharing or split bill.
In this program i just use simple method and operator.
The code is still messy but i glad it work.

helloyanis (11)

Great, but if you input the wrong type of data (for example if you say "a" to the 1st question the program crashes at the moment of calculating). I fixed that, so you can check the version I forked to see how I fixed it.

JuAntonio (3)

Hi @helloyanis
Your feedback is very useful for my first step in python. There are so many function still i dont know and i will find out it
Thank you

helloyanis (11)

@JuAntonio Thanx, i'm glad you like it! If there are anything I can help you with tell me!