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Shakespearean insult generator
Bunnytoes (163)

Wassup people! I have brought @JJCTPMS 's Shakespearean insult generator back to life, but I made in entirely in c#!


now is a ulong
enter 0 for 18446744073709551615

FlaminHotValdez (712)

This is honestly a really simple project.

1) create 3 arrays and fill them with insult words
2) pick a random element from each array
3) list them out

and this doesn't even follow grammar

should be wouldst, not would

and art, not be

And when the first word starts with a vowel, you still use "a" instead of an

the idea is not yours and the implementation is extremely easy. And the interesting thing is, the original shakespearean insult generator is #3 in top, which is already easily found. Yours does the same exact thing, why should we like this better?

Bunnytoes (163)

@FlaminHotValdez this is for fun, I gave credit, do you want me to take it down?

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@Coder100 people call anything that isn't mindless praise "rude" or "hate." It's not. I'm just pointing out that this project isn't exactly that great.

Coder100 (18813)

yeah but you did it in a very mean manner
be constructive @FlaminHotValdez

Whippingdot (678)

umm the way you said rude to him was being rude to him lol @Coder100

Also I agree with you FlaminHotValdez...but like he said, be a little kinder

VMTU (45)

This is really simple.

IMayBeMe (527)

Sure it works and might be cool, but I fail to understand how this has so many upvotes. The logic behind the program is as simple as:

1) create three hard-coded arrays
2) pick a random element through an in-built function from each array
3) output each random element 

It would become a lot more impressive if it searches through Shakspeare's plays and uses natural language processing to determine which words are insults and outputs them.

Bunnytoes (163)

@IMayBeMe thats impossible in c#, I am making these projects(yes for upvotes) so people can see my other projects that take a long time

IMayBeMe (527)

@Bunnytoes First things first, C# is a Turing complete language which means that almost anything is possible within it. Second of all, making projects only for gaining useless internet points is wrong to start with and doesn’t help you in anyway. Yeah it may feel good to get some recognition or feel “famous”, but programming isn’t a popularity contest, it’s something to learn. Speaking from personal experience, the ability to look back and see how much better you have grown and to use that as motivation is essential and shows that you have a passion for programming not just internet fame. I even still struggle with this and work everyday to try to improve myself and learn something new.

Bunnytoes (163)

@IMayBeMe no one ever sees my projects no matter how hard I work, all I want is people to notice them

Bunnytoes (163)

@IMayBeMe if you figure out how to do it that would be great! but I have no idea how

IMayBeMe (527)

@Bunnytoes if you have a passion for programming, you don’t need the validation of others but rather should be self motivated.

Bunnytoes (163)

@IMayBeMe I know, but it you can't say you hate it when people like your stuff

Coder100 (18813)

Cool! Now do it in C

codingjlu (473)

@Coder100 idk but I'll do it in JavaScript of Java or PYTHON!!

Console.writeLine("Python be bad");
printf("Python == \"👎\"");
System.out.println("Python be bad");
console.log("Python sucks");
fmt.Println("Python be bad")


print("I be bad")


Bunnytoes (163)

@FrancisPan needs to be in int format ;)

Bunnytoes (163)

@FrancisPan I did the next best thing, enter 0 for 18446744073709551615 insuslts!

FrancisPan (43)


I entered 0 and this happened :)

ch1ck3n (2309)

time to make it in dogescript

FrancisPan (43)


How are you so perfect?
The game 2048 and your 2048 posts

ch1ck3n (2309)

@FrancisPan a chicken is perfect in every way

FrancisPan (43)



ch1ck3n (2309)

@Aphmeta the heck

are you stalking everyone

ch1ck3n (2309)

@Aphmeta hows you know im from aops then


@ch1ck3n ez thing. last question do you take the math or python courses from there?


@ch1ck3n do you take python or math courses? im assuming python based on your awesome python skills.


@ch1ck3n I see... do you play the game reaper on there?


@ch1ck3n what is ur name... i am currently digging through the list... did u play/are you currently playing game 77?


@ch1ck3n You are LonelyCreator79?


@ch1ck3n Hey, I have two requests, would you be willing to do them?
1. I'm making a sort of repl clicker, would you be willing to send me your profile picture? I need it for something inside the clicker shop.
2. I have always wanted to learn Django, could you make a tutorial on that?


@ch1ck3n Thanks!

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

why would you try to insult people?

rule number 1: be nice

rule number 2: dont insult other people

rule number 3: dont spam


cuber1515 (90)

This is great you vain tardy-gaited bugbear!

minishxp (7)

You craven fool-born haggard!
11/10 lol