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Server/Bot Pinger!
CodingCactus (4365)

Hi, i made a pretty simple but i think useful program (am trying to learn flasky stuffs).

What is it?

It pings the url that you input every 15 seconds which will make sure that that server/bot/thing won't go down!

If your server/bot is hosted on, you will definatley need this (or something like this lol). The url you should use is the one here:

Pinger is here:

Have fun!

JayyTheBotDev (0)

Does this still work? Date: December 15, 2020

JayyTheBotDev (0)

@CodingCactus I'm a JS user sooo idkkkk abt Py lol

JayyTheBotDev (0)

@CodingCactus I can use this using glitch right? if yes, what are the packages needed for it?

JayyTheBotDev (0)

@CodingCactus can u try to test it if its still working 2020? cuzz I have no knowledge when it comes to py

CodingCactus (4365)

@CubeyTheCube oh yeah it doesn't anymore. Well that's a shame

CubeyTheCube (24)

@CodingCactus I think it went down again.

spinfal (1)

@CubeyTheCube it's just repl having some server problems, causing pingers to not reach running projects

piemadd (116)

nice DOSing tool

qualladoom (366)

decrease time to 0.25 seconds, run the instance 500 times and you win @piemadd