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Scopes for
Dart (1200)

Hey so I made this website for which is a cool browser FPS game. This is a website has a bunch of scopes for the hunter class for anyone to use. You can leave a comment if you want me to add more assets and I’ll update this fairly regularly.

I hope you enjoy

(Yes the animated scope works)

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

dId yOu gEt ThAt JoJo RefErEncE?????/???

ShadowWalker258 (4)

yo dude nice i play krunker do you maybe we can play together on krunker.

Dart (1200)

@ShadowWalker258 i would love to some time :)

ShadowWalker258 (4)

yo dude what level are you on

Dart (1200)

@JBYT27 thanks I use this for myself so I thought I would share

LukeWright (288)

have you come across any .gif scopes that you can put in here? i found a few that look pretty sweet

Dart (1200)

@LukeWright yeah there’s the one rainbow one and I’ll try and add more when I get home :)