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School Inc.
matthewproskils (473)

This is my first big project. Please upvote and share this repl, it took me a long time. Thanks. :D
After you type in the password it gets bit slow, but please be patient with it, it might take 2 seconds.
Credit to the G.O.O.S.E agency for insparation
Check out this animation:

matthewproskils (473)

@ChezCoder Thank You For The Upvote, Please Tell Me if I should Create more like this! :D

ChezCoder (1607)

@matthewproskils don't let other people affect what you want to create, follow your dreams


matthewproskils (473)

@ChezCoder That's so nice. Thank You! :)

matthewproskils (473)

@ChezCoder ok, I upvoted your repl. Thanks

eekboi (285)

@ChezCoder Dont self advertise please.

epicman702 (498)

The future is in the hands of good replers

techgeek680 (73)

If I wasn't a total noob to, I would be knowing how to upvote and to give this 100,000 likes!

techgeek680 (73)

I just found out how and i did @techgeek680

Martysh12 (5)

This is awesome!!!

Iliya456 (8)

Well that was short.

BlueComet (116)

This is really cool Great Job :)
and add more make it so you hack into more stuff this is fun


Yo this is amazing. I am just in awe. I am currently learning java, but I want to start learning Python. It seems you can do cooler things with Python anyhow. Great job dude.

wizzard11 (2)

looking good bro!!!

DeBeast591 (141)

This is cool, you should add to it.

Bookie0 (6386)

Super nice i love it. Nice colors and style! Very smooth!

ZacPlayz (64)

Lmao I love the

Now we need to hack into your teacher's account


PXY (40)

Besides a few spelling errors, the program runs great. I'd love to see this evolve into a puzzle game some day!

thenullified (167)

a bit boring but awesome coding

yeetuscleetus (37)

Would it be ok if I could improve on this?

08KINPLIX (77)

you need to indent line 2

matthewproskils (473)

@08KINPLIX Thank you for the support :D

FidgetDaHacker2 (5)

@matthewproskils I like it, but add a teacher reaction

FidgetDaHacker2 (5)

@matthewproskils and you should make the screen clearing a function

import os
def cls():
  os.system('cls' if == 'nt' else 'clear')
matthewproskils (473)

@FidgetDaHacker2 Thank's for the suggestion, I added a teacher reaction made the clear screen a function.

matthewproskils (473)

@08KINPLIX Fixed it, Thank you for finding that out

matthewproskils (473)

@08KINPLIX Do you like the updated version?

techgeek680 (73)

wont let me on updated version @matthewproskils

matthewproskils (473)

@techgeek680 lol........../\
you scroll up and hit the 81 (81 with an arrow on top) button until it turns green!.

techgeek680 (73)

thanks, i'll do it! @matthewproskils
Edit: im really new to about six days.

oignons (68)

Nice, the color use is cool, and the story too :) I have a suggestion: Could you make it so that you have the option to stay in the teacher's account and change other people's grades to be higher or lower?


matthewproskils (473)

@ipastrano Sure! That's an amazing Idea! Thanks!

BraylanBB121 (42)

This was nice work! One suggestion: Make the teacher's password a random password from a list/array and you have to guess based on the clues. You got my upvote!