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SJURL, the better URL shortening service

SJURL was made to see how well I could rebuild Bitly, and the result was pretty good. In fact, I've actually deleted my Bitly account and use this now, so I thought I would share.

What it offers

  • No Ads
    • There will never be ads on our site.
  • URL parameters passing
  • Custom backends, as well as auto generated ones.
    • With SJURL, you can enter a custom backend, or have it generate one. If its out of ideas, it will automatically increas the backend length.
  • Name your links
    • Name each link so you know exactly what its for.
  • Search your links
    • We've all been there, there are so many URLs that you don't know where to look. Instead of doing ugly CTRL+F here, you can search for URLs and SJURL will filter your links as you type.
  • Detailed Link Click Info
    • See an overview containing details showing total clicks, device, os, and browser specs. Bitly offers this for Enterprise, we offer it for free.
  • Generate QR Codes for your links
    • Sometimes, you just gotta show it to them. For free, not Enterprise, generate QR Codes for your links.
  • Discord Webhooks
    • Send a message automatically to Discord whenever your link is clicked so you know when your colleague has clicked that super important link.
  • Ability to edit and delete your links.

The discord bot

It also comes with a discord bot, the bot features include but are not limited to -

  • Shorten links without an account with the option to set a backend
  • Generate QR Codes for any link
  • Fun commands
  • Scrape the web
  • Coooookie, an idle cookie collector game

The bot help command is -help, -setprefix PREFIX to change the prefix. Also note that the bot requires 0 permissions to join.

Invite it here

Table comparison

Branded Links❌ Paid
Custom Back-half✅ Unlimited❌ Limited to 50/mo in the free plan
Custom Domain❌ Paid
Link Creation✅ Unlimited❌ 1000/mo in the free plan
Link Clicks
QR Codes❌ Enterprise only
Link History✅ Permanent History❌ 2 Years for Enterprise, 30 days for free and pro
Dashboard with graphs
Location❌ Because of privacy concerns....
API Rate Limit❌ No Limit to use the ComCli API✅ Standard
Webhooks❌ Enterprise only
SLA UptimeUptime99.9% for Enterprise
Web Browser ExtensionsComing soon
Mobile App
Desktop Client

Thats all, I hope you guys enjoy!

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