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SJURL - Where the World Shortens Its Links
CoolCoderSJ (690)

Whoa there! That URL is too long mate, your friend cant copy-paste the link, nor can they click on it, and their hand is going to start hurting by the time they type out that gigantic URL! But what IF there was an easy way, a quick way to shorten URLs without having to deal with Bitly? Sure, Bitly's great, but what if you need something more? Can there actually be software with more features than Bitly? Whoa, stop right there, if you asked yourself that question, shame on you, of course, there can be such software.

Introducing SJURL
Note: If Home page CSS does not load for you, trust the site in uBlock Origin and Ghostery Ad Blocker.

With more features than Bitly, SJURL has everything you need. Day-to-day work, and enormously detailed tracking. But is such spoken-of software actually free? Of course, it is!


Free plan - Free
Premium plan - Free


Stop right there mate, did you say Ads? I hate ads, and promise to never at all, insert Ads on any section of any website that I make.


Web Param Passing

Any URL parameter such as /login, or ?id=aaaaa can be passed through the shortened URL too! Example:
Long URL:
Shortened URL:
If you visit, it will unshorten to

Custom Backend

With SJURL, you can enter a custom backend, or have it generate one. If it's out of ideas, it will automatically increase the backend length. Any user is entitled to unlimited custom backends.

Name your links

Name each link so you know exactly what it's for.

Detailed Tracking

See an overview containing details showing total clicks, device, os, and browser specs. Bitly offers this for Enterprise, we offer it for free. NEW: SJURL also shows a graph for your link clicks, so you can see your trends over time.

QR Codes

Sometimes, you just gotta show it to them. For free, not Enterprise, generate QR Codes for your links.

Discord Webhooks

Send a message automatically to Discord whenever your link is clicked so you know when your colleague has clicked that super important link.

Edit Links

But wait! You entered the wrong URL! No need to worry, SJURL will let you edit your links!

Delete Links

Have a link that you know is never going to be used again? Delete it!

Security Concerns

If you don't trust a shortened link, SJURL has built in security protocols to keep you safe. Add + to the end of any shortened URL to see its metadata. All sites are scanned via Google Safe Browsing, and users are notified and asked for a confirmation to continue if they visit a malicious site.


When you shorten a link, metadata gets carried over, which means the embed on Discord, Slack, Google Chat, etc. is the same as it would be for the long URL.

At the time of writing, we have 126 users registered under our first-party auth application, SJAUTH. Look out for updates, as SJAUTH prepares to become an SSO application!
SJURL, where the world shortens its links.

nbbcsf (14)

Nice, but freenom explicitly states that you can't make a domain a URL shortener. I recommend changing a domain before it gets too popular and taken down.

EpicRaisin (264)

@nbbcsf Really? That's dumb. It's your domain, you can do whatever you want with it. If they also don't allow it on paid domains, I am going to rage.

nbbcsf (14)

@EpicRaisin well, according to @DotComBoom, they just borrow their domains and let you use it, but it's actually still theirs, and it's perfectly legal to take a site down whenever.

Baconman321 (1104)

@nbbcsf That's for free domains only, right?

I mean, if you want a paid domain and they do that, then just use another domain registrar, like namecheap or something.

KingBob2 (0)

I Cannot Sign Up!

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@KingBob2 what do you mean? Could you try one more time please?

KingBob2 (0)

@CoolCoderSJ When I try to signup a Error comes!

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@KingBob2 what username are you trying to signup with?

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@KingBob2 Oh.
I should mention that its alphanumeric characters only, so no spaces....

KingBob2 (0)

@CoolCoderSJ I tried PrinceArchie and it said system error!

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@KingBob2 I cant see any errors, do you maybe want to try again?

KingBob2 (0)

@CoolCoderSJ I have tried 5 times....

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@KingBob2 Hey quick question- My HTTP logs are now showing requests to the login page, so my assumption is that you never signed up. Did you signup or are you trying to login? Signup link here:

KingBob2 (0)

@CoolCoderSJ I am trying to sign up thats the prob....

octopyBot (264)

Oh hey nice @CoolCoderSJ! shortened without issue. unfortunately...

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@octopyBot taking a look at it right now

Logs show error, so I think I know what it is...

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@octopyBot fixed!
ya got me there, didnt expect that :D

TimothyClark222 (24)

hey this is pretty neat and interesting, does SJURL stand for something?

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@TimothyClark222 No it doesn't

Im terrible at coming up with product names, so SJ are my irl initials and since its a URL shortener i just appended URL

Whippingdot (676)

I have one thing to say


CoolCoderSJ (690)

@Whippingdot did you read 8nstructions
Disable adblocker only for the home page. Adblocker are blocking my requests for external stylesheets.

Whippingdot (676)



CoolCoderSJ (690)

@Whippingdot Hehe thanks, Im still trying to figure out why adblockers and blocking my requests to stylesheets.

Baconman321 (1104)

Long URL:
Shortened URL:

Ye, ye. Totally shortened.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@Baconman321 tbf the replit domain is already pretty short, since if you take out replit you're really just comparing vs .com

Its meant for longer URLs, i.e. perhaps a google search

Baconman321 (1104)

@CoolCoderSJ Yeah. You probably should use a different example then.

Your link shortener is super slow, and attempting to view the metadata doesn't work (according to your instructions - ""). I would recommend fixing the time if you can.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

1) Super slow - I have 0 idea how to speed that up, my site wasn't ready for that much traffic, I am working on improving a lot of things
2) lemme see why, that's odd

7ih (34)

wow thats a lotta code

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@7ih The end product of 5 months of work :) (Still in development, but v2 is finalized)

Codeverse (158)

Sadly, I cannot view it now. But I don't care. I saw how much work you put into this. Literally after scrolling through the code, I found a solution to my bug in my program. Thanks a lot!

The URL shortener is so cool, because I make like a billion files and I usually have a server to save me but sometimes I don't. SJURL, when I can view it, will help a lot.

I am newb at Python programming. Sure I can program in it, but I don't know super complex code that you posting. Would like to take a moment to thank you a lot for helping me. This post is super nice.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@Codeverse Thanks :)
Try loading it now, it takes somewhere like 5 seconds but its loading for me now.

Codeverse (158)

@CoolCoderSJ Okay, woah! Nice website! Thanks, @CoolCoderSJ! I don't have a use for it yet but maybe later. But, if you are using Freenom, didn't they say you can't have domains as URL shorteners? Did they change the rules last time I checked? Man, I live under a rock!

iocoder (164)

@CoolCoderSJ its good.. but keeps doing this

smth wrong?

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@iocoder the logs show something weird, they say that "money" is not a valid key in the db...try adding it again?

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@iocoder That as you can see is a replit error.

If you encounter a 502, 525, 524 cloudflare page OR any page with that bot on it, it is a replit hosting downtime. I am currently talking to some peoplez to try and fix this downtime. It should be back up now.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

hey @iocoder when it asks for a custom backend, are you adding the /? for example, are you entering /tone or tone? if you are entering /tone, that may be the problem, just enter tone.

iocoder (164)

@CoolCoderSJ it's working now (the website was having an internal error, but now its fixed)

PyCoder01 (58)

@CoolCoderSJ Simple solution. Upgrade to cloudflare pro.

PyCoder01 (58)


CoolCoderSJ (690)

@PyCoder01 deprecated, i still need to update the readme. Desktop Client for Windows7, 8, and 10 coming in June.

PyCoder01 (58)

@CoolCoderSJ why would you need a desktop client for a url shortener. That's not needed.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@PyCoder01 yeah thats not really supposed to say desktop client its supposed to say browser addon

PyCoder01 (58)

@CoolCoderSJ btw freenom domains only have 1 year free. try getting from google domains since it supports path forwarding for www subdomain. CNAME's only work on subdomains.

PyCoder01 (58)

@CoolCoderSJ but freenom supports it on routing domain. But still, I don't like freenom.

JWZ6 (714)

not that good css for the homepage

nbbcsf (14)

@JWZ6 turn off you ad blocker and it'll be different.

CosmicBear (45)

@JWZ6 Adblockers destroy the css for some reason


So... This might be better than Bitly, but the redirecting from the shortened url to the actual website is SUPER slow. I think I'll just stick with

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@AIDANGREEN6 There is a reason for that, multiple, actually.

1) Each link is verified by google to make sure you are not redirected to a malicious site.
2) There is quite a lot of data being collected.
3) My site has hit quite a lof of new traffic, I am working to optimize it.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@AIDANGREEN6 There were a few bugs as I was adding features, the average speed is 0.7 seconds now.

CubeyTheCube (24)

@CoolCoderSJ its not a bug it's a feature™

PyCoder01 (58)

@CoolCoderSJ to make it faster add boost

CodeMaster007 (109)

This is soooooooo cool! (and quite useful) :)

ch1ck3n (2366)


but i still believe cknlinks has better css

NoahRoopull (19)

Just a note: I noticed a couple of typos on the info page, no big deal, but it looks more professional if you care about that

mollthecoder (34)

Man, this site has really gone uphill cense I last saw it.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@mollthecoder Iirc I last shared it 3 months ago, it has gotten a lot better.

RayhanADev (2609)

All in all this is pretty 🔥 dude

RayhanADev (2609)

Ah yes, now what was the logout url again... >:)

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

kool but i dont really like discord bc of the pingsssssssss

programmeruser (615)

came here because he was begging for views on the discord

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@programmeruser i literally gave you a paragraph about what I meant, idiot

i literally can care less about post popularity, what bugs me is that people straight up ignore me, even if i have a good end product, which sucks, because when you work on something for 5 months pack it with more stuff than you could ever need and then get ignored, it sucks. Stereotypes are what affects people the most though, because people usually stray to other, low effort posts because of stereotype.

GhostKing007 (142)

the amount of effort/low-effort post drama I've seen on replit...

programmeruser (615)

@CoolCoderSJ I posted it before you sent that paragraph in the discord

GhostKing007 (142)

@CoolCoderSJ tbh tho, you were kinda advertising this on ch1k3n's cknlinks

lostintheabyss (34)

[comment removed by moderator]

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@lostintheabyss repl post link? These are exactly the kind of people who I want to support, not low effort posts. There's nothing wrong with the trending board, the only problem I have is that it's mainly game based. Once a good project gets on trending, it creates a ton of more stereotypes.

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@ch1ck3n my bad, I apolotgize for that, deleted my comment quite a few hours ago, just that Dart showed me your post quite abruptly.

GhostKing007 (142)

@DynamicSquid Hi! Can you please do something about @lostintheabyss 's post as it contains swearing. Thanks!

GhostKing007 (142)

@CoolCoderSJ Srsly though, replit community is more about result that the work behind that result. That doesn't mean all of the community is like that. There are multiple great programmers who actually look at the code, and discuss it in the comments. I'd rather have a not trending post where some people have asked about my code, or suggested improvements, than a trending post with upvotes and a million 'Good job!' comments.

Dart (1201)

@lostintheabyss please dont curse in your comments/posts

Baconman321 (1104)



Let's keep this friendly, pls :(

@programmeruser didn't mean to cause drama, so let's not make any :)

CoolCoderSJ (690)

@Baconman321 lol its all in a playful tone, we talk on the replit discord server