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SPQR (596)

I, SPQR, have successfully installed SFML on this repl, so that you all may use it for your enjoyment. Feel free to fork this and modify it for your own purposes.

If you use this please give a link to this post

If you use this to make something for the Game Jam and win, please give me 1% of a BTC ($38 or so)
(you don't actually have to do that. It'd be nice if you did, though.)

XCode101 (42)

chmod: cannot access '/home/runner/main': No such file or directory
main.bash: line 7: /home/runner/main: No such file or directory
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'run' failed
make: *** [run] Error 127
exit status 2

DynamicSquid (5024)

Hi! This is really helpful! Thanks for making it!

DynamicSquid (5024)

I made Tetris. Aside from the screen size being a little off, this template works great!

SPQR (596)

@DynamicSquid Glad you could make use of it :)
You can probably fix the screen size by manually setting the VideoMode when the RenderWindow is initialized, but I'll leave that up to you to decide if it's worthwhile :)

LoveFromSkyy (137)

How did you link all of the libraries and stuff? Did it automatically construct them?

lmaodev (3)

I get an error saying /home/runner/main isnt a directory

SPQR (596)

@lmaodev Yeah, I think that either they (the team) restructured the file system or the file hierarchy was dependant on the plan one has (I had Hacker plan at the time)

Highwayman (1501)

@lmaodev I got it working. Let me see if I can find it...

lmaodev (3)

@Highwayman it sadly says the same thing for that as well.

Highwayman (1501)

@lmaodev really? Huh. I put it in the wd tho ;-; oh well. Sorry bout that.

CSharpIsGud (1070)

@SPQR Just use relative directories instead of an absolute one