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PolyphonyPreview (for chromebooks)


Complete credit goes to

, as they did 99.999% of it. here is the original. Say hello to the first vc on replit (for Chromebooks), with your very own chatrooms, and public and private chat rooms.
Please do not use profanity on here.

in order to use the text chat, you have to go here

2 years ago
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I created the original, all this does is remove the thing which stops chromebooks from using it. (It is not "the first VC on replit", mine is) I will try to implement these fixes, but the main project (Polyphony) is going to be much bigger, about the size of Discord, with channels, roles, moderation, servers, emoji, security, acceptable appearance, spam prevention, permanent messages, DMs, etc. Just to be clear though, I'm not angry about this.

2 years ago