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Rickroll Checker
AndrewAung11 (25)

Are you tired of getting rickrolled?

Well, here I present you the rickroll checker!

If it is a rickroll, this will log Might be a rickroll. .
If it is not or not sure, this will log Secure. .
If an error is detected, this will log Not sure, contact to creator. .

If not, here rickroll link that I made to test:


Url shorteners won't work.
And also, if the page is not known, it won't work.

So, if you found a not known site, comment down!
It is not just helping me, it is helping everyone who are tired of those.

Hope you find this helpful!

ch1ck3n (2393)

i am sory but your rickroll checker does not work

AndrewAung11 (25)

Oh, thanks! I missed the main link. @ch1ck3n

jihhyuu202 (15)

what about sansrolling and the rat trap @AndrewAung11

AndrewAung11 (25)

I haven't heard of those. If you can, it is ok to give me those links. @jihhyuu202

jihhyuu202 (15)

instead of never gonan give you up, its megalovania for "sans rolling" @AndrewAung11