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memes I made
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I was about to go browse some memes when I thought:

why can't I just make 'em myself?

So I made 10 20 27 coding memes with imgflip.

I put them here because
a. I get to code
b. They are about coding
c. I dont have reddit

hope you like em

also, use this

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C++ is better, for different things. Just like Python is better for different things as well. I never said that C++ is better (actually I did, but as a joke really), rather C++ is better at different things. C++ could beat Python at speed and memory efficiency any day (unless you create a memory leak or something else like that). But, Python's readability to C++'s readability is like Dark theme to Light theme - It's just better on the eyes and more comfortable (again, this is relative. A C++ programmer probably finds C++ perfectly fine and easy to read, and another person might despise Python syntax (*ahem... me)).

They just aren't meant to be comparable in a fair way.