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LegitGamerDude (4)

This contains full remakes and fangames of FNAF games as well as now the continued addition of other games, all originally developed by me personally, but now converted to an embeddable html format so that those on can enjoy them as well!

(if you wish to have another game added you may request it, but as time goes on I will continue to make my own games/add existing games by me to this repl) Thanks dudes! Remember to upvote if you enjoyed and have a nice day!

LegitGamerDude (4)

@78JonathanForni this is the repost (I removed the other one) along with more games included and more to be added soon!

LegitGamerDude (4)

@79jonathanforni click the big blue button that says not to click it @LegitGamerDude