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CodingCactus (4360)

Hi, so I'm sure many of you know that classrooms was shut down on 31st Jan and has now been fully replaced by teams for education, which is a really good product.

.... however it costs a lot of money to use

This means that my school cannot use anymore to teach programming which for me is very sad, because is the only reason I know how to code.

So, I really wanted my school to keep using, so I have worked for a month or two on this - a replacement for the dead classrooms.

Now this is by no means as good as teams for education, but what it is, is a way for students to be set assignments and taught how to code!

How to do stuff

I went pretty in depth in the github readme so this will just be a basic guide.

  • You need teacher role to do teacher stuff on this.
  • make classrooms with the button on the landing page
  • Make assignments with the button on the assignments page
  • When opening the assignment for the first time, make a repl and enter it's url
  • that repl gets embeded
  • click submit when you're done with the assignment
  • teachers can the send feedback when it has been submitted


  • repl auth log in
  • landing page
    • list all classes
    • create new class (teachers only)
  • edit classroom
    • add students
      • add indivdually
      • create invite link
      • create code
    • add teachers
      • add indivdually
      • create invite link
      • create code
    • edit name, description, image
  • join class with code
  • assignments
    • create assignments
    • view list of assignments
    • embed repls in assignments
    • submit assignments
    • teacher stuff like marking and feedback
  • button to get to teacher page
  • buttons to go back to page before
  • make assignment button on teachers page as well as main classroom page
  • make student overview section in teachers page better
  • remove teachers and students from classrooms
  • edit assignments
  • delete classrooms and assignments
  • assignment modal answer
  • classroom templates

If you want a random code just to see what it's like, you can use K8AE3351G6

Hopefully you like this because I have spent a lot of time on it and if you do, please make sure to star the repo


amasad (3446)

This is very interesting! I’m excited to check it out and we will promote it if it works well.

I’m curious did you find through classroom? And your teachers know that the free version is also powerful?

CodingCactus (4360)

@amasad Yeah the only reason I know that exists is because I was taught how to code using classrooms. I only really knew as a teaching website at that point, until I came across repl talk during the first lockdown last year. Repl talk got me pretty much addicted to coding, always wanting to make better things to share to everyone.

And your teachers know that the free version is also powerful?

Free version of teams for education? I was not aware that there is a free version, everywhere I look it comes up with a pricing page with the only options costing money.

amasad (3446)

@CodingCactus No I meant just regular repls and multiplayer.

amasad (3446)

@CodingCactus I created an account but didn't have the teacher role. I now added the role but I still don't see a way to create a classroom.

CodingCactus (4360)

@amasad it takes a little while for your roles to update in the db, I'll force it to update now for you.

PSIPowerhouse (7)

You know I like how this is like google classroom and teams for education

SilvermoonCat (435)

must be nice but I can never sign in with repl on codes :(

rediar (517)

@SilvermoonCat last I checked, Login With Replit doesn't work with Safari, if you use chrome or firefox it should work though.

SilvermoonCat (435)

@rediar ok I have chrome on mac I’ll try there

bennyrobert (47)

This is very impressive! Do you not think might not like you making a free version of their product, which they don't get paid for?

CodingCactus (4360)

@bennyrobert the ceo seems to like it, so it should be alright 🤞

bennyrobert (47)

You know the CEO? Well, that'll certainly help. @CodingCactus

doineednumbers (26)

@bennyrobert It's a small start up, and the CEO @amasad is very active. They replied above.

Muhammad_SJC (150)

The crazy thing about this is that it is enough to compensate for the old free classrooms. Keep up the good work!

EpicGamer007 (1736)

honestly, this deserves way more recognition in my opinion.


: pog :

Zavexeon (1162)

the punchy mushroom kangaroo approves

PSIPowerhouse (7)

im getting 500 internal errors again @CodingCactus

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 thank you for letting me know, I am aware of what is causing that and should be fixed very shortly

dbates (10)

code: O5K58ZOL5P

reply for removal (request to unenroll is still not here)

Makashiyt (0)

Hello! I made a python classroom where I will make fun and easy assignments for you guys to do every day!

LingWu1 (94)

I dont understant repl classroom since I am quite new to repl. I have been here for like 4-5 months.

TheC0derGirl (250)

dis is absolute poggers XD

lukel_lv (23)

will you force it to update for me?

PSIPowerhouse (7)

How do we check someone's repl if refuses to connect

PSIPowerhouse (7)

2 things:
1. join my class

and 2: I've noticed that whenever I put a class photo in, the class doesnt can't made

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 hi, there's an issue with uploading .jpg files at the moment, i'm looking into it. For the moment you can just use .png and .gif

PSIPowerhouse (7)

k and you know I've known you for a while on on my old account

PSIPowerhouse (7)

Sorry for constantly talking, but I THINK I FOUND THE PROBLEM. In the static folder, you have a makeclass.js file, but no remove_class.js file. The only remove.js file you have is remove_people.js. This might be the problem

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 erm no that is not the problem

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 if confused what's happening, because deleting classrooms works perfectly for me, do you recon you could video what you are doing so that i could take a closer look. Also maybe try resetting your cache incase you do not have the latest js.

PSIPowerhouse (7)

Then how does the remove class button work if there is no removeclass.js

PSIPowerhouse (7)

you'll Have to update the code and save it then delete the update then save again cause it will get me straight to 500 internal error

PSIPowerhouse (7)

and now line 993 has an invalid syntax of

PSIPowerhouse (7)

Also @CodingCactus Why do i keep getting 500 Internal Server Errors?

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 i don't know, what are you doing

PSIPowerhouse (7)

@CodingCactus I Login with replit, and the next thing i know, IT GOES STRAIGHT TO 500 INTERNAL ERROR. AND WHEN I PRESS RUN ON THE POST PAGE I GET THESE TRACEBACK ERRORS: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 2, in <module>
import util
File "/home/runner/U2ISRaLWHc2/", line 3, in <module>
db = easypydb.DB("db", os.getenv("dbToken"))
File "/opt/virtualenvs/python3/lib/python3.8/site-packages/easypydb/", line 9, in init
File "/opt/virtualenvs/python3/lib/python3.8/site-packages/easypydb/", line 15, in load
File "/opt/virtualenvs/python3/lib/python3.8/site-packages/s1db/", line 28, in get
response = requests.get(self.base_url + '/db/' + quote(key), headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + self.token, 'Content-Type': 'text/plain;charset=UTF-8'})
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str
So i am assuming these are the problems even tho it worked like 30 minutes ago

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 well yeah you obviously can't run my repl because it uses a .env

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 have you recently made/edited/deleted a classroom

PSIPowerhouse (7)

So i assume its these errors tho it worked 30 minutes ago

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 i can fix your error, but I'll take a look to try and see what caused it first

PSIPowerhouse (7)

Am i NOT allowed to delete a class cause i deleted a class and got the error again

PSIPowerhouse (7)

BTW @CodingCactus I sent you a team for Repl If your interested in joining

PSIPowerhouse (7)

how do you make a classroom'

CodingCactus (4360)

@Devgod23 you must have the teacher role on ( and then you will be able to.

Lockk (8)

can u pls post assignments :D