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HackermonDev (2074)!

Hello, I used the crosis API to successfully create a copy of I have no idea why they didn't do this before but now you can use kind of.

How To Use

To use it, you will need the username of the author of the repl and the repl slug.<username>/<repl> Replace <username> with the username and <repl> with the repl. The default repl on the homepage is @turbio/blinkenlights.


I want some feedback on this, say what you think about it in the comments! Report bugs if you find any! I'm hoping to find a way to get a custom domain for this so it can be easier to use.


  • Added support for many other languages and added run again button
programmeruser (613)

By the way, congrats on finding the crosis vulnerability.

ironblockhd (427)

he got $1000 for it I think. Deserved!

EpicGamer007 (1751)

@PDanielY (o)(o) (Im trying to make this big eyes) but gj!

Seth01Master (6)

@PDanielY Just won a MrBeast challenge


@EpicGamer007 its o_o, i think

EpicGamer007 (1751)

Now this is really dang awesome!

aeronaman (8)

Can you add support for swift?

ShivankChhaya (241)

HoW dO yOu EdIt OtHeR pEoPlEs RePlS??

Makes all repls in the world completely blank


You should also figure out a way for the DB to be used in repls.

Otherwise, awesome!!!

apraveena (2)

This works great for my python files. Any chance, you can extend this to python turtle?

FlaminHotValdez (712)

is anybody else coming back here just to see if @HackermonDev is @PDanielY

maxina (65)

Wait wat you got 1k

programmeruser (613)

There's a hack you can use to get a somewhat environment. Go to For example: The only thing is that it doesn't support user input. You can also "run" a repl by going to (example:

GrantDeibler (2)

I have no idea what is going on or what this is but a new hope but animated with text is being played and I'm not clicking away.

Edit: ahhh man its over

CalSch (4)

Thank you! This is so useful! One thing is that the icon, while being really cool, isn't that good scaled down. It would be cool if it fetched a file like icon.ico from the repl, and set that to the icon. But other than that, its AMAZING!

retronbv (131)

YES this is amazing because is down

EpicGamer007 (1751)

Being the first upvoter of a bunch of upvoters is pretty cool.

Blackout4344 (37)

If you added color it might be easier to read, but your animations are AWESOME! Btw, can you make among us with animations? :D

HackermonDev (2074)

@CoolGuy27 idk, its a random thing i found

CoolGuy27 (68)

@PDanielY can you link the original post (ngl I made my family sit down and watch it for movie night last night)




get the upvotes 4 this project to 69 and leave it!!!

JBloves27 (1904)

Btw, hows it going with Defender @PDanielY?

sry for ping

BLyons (15)

Amazing work, great job. I used to depend heavily on this feature to showcase my code. I recently got a 'Hacker' plan hoping to see it enabled again. I wish I would have read your post first.


Is it just me having the glitch where everything on the screen jumps and artifacts and sometimes text is left behind or is that just my wifi lol

AgastyaSandhuja (170)

you can probably get a custom domain from github education, or you can get one of those free domains but I recommend github

LshirleyS (0)

How did you get $1000

badst (240)

@LshirleyS he found a bug that allowed him to edit anyone's repl.

iocoder (164)

I'm hoping to find a way to get a custom domain for this so it can be easier to use.

Just use something like freenom, there are tutorials if you aren't sure how to use it @PDanielY

Kookiez (406)

@ridark freenom isn't very reliable

iocoder (164)

@Kookiez oh, ok. i haven't been on it in a while i just knew about it