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ReplMail - Easy Messaging!
IMayBeMe (478)

What is ReplMail?

ReplMail is a webpage that I made in flask which allows users to quickly message each other in an email-like fashion. Here is a quick overview of the features it includes:

  • Repl Auth for accounts
  • The ability to message other users
  • Allows for users to add a subject and content
  • A timestamp and who it's from on every message
  • A spam filter which marks possible spam
  • Multi-line messages are supported
  • Ability to report users(Auto-banning system after numerous reports)
  • A button to anonymously send some feedback
  • Nice modern CSS

So that's about it and any feedback/comments would be appreciated, either through repl's commenting system or the one in ReplMail.

Also if you want to send a test message, just send me one and I’ll get back to you with a reply

Note: for anyone wondering why it says ”could not reach repl”, just run it and wait a bit

candies (240)

I developed something like this

Kudos (138)

This is a great project, I love it!

Kudos (138)

You thought you could rick roll me, Youtube saved me with an ad 😁

Kudos (138)

Hmmmm.... We Couldn't Reach Your Repl


Let me know when you get the website up :)

IMayBeMe (478)

@Kudos oh sorry just run the repl and wait a bit, it should work.