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ReplAPI Statistics!

Introducing ReplAPI Statistics!

Click here to access the repl! You will be asked in the program to enter a username. After that, you can type in what you want to check for that user. Let's say you choose "Comments". Then, you would type anything that begins with the letters "co". Yeah, I mean it. You could literally type this: commentspleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassseee. And that would work. If you want to quit the program, just type anything that begins with the letter "q". Anyway, hope you guys like this project!


Big thanks to JBloves27 and darkdarcool for providing the ReplAPI module. If you fork this repl, make sure to give credit to me and also don't forget to thank JBloves27 and darkdarcool for creating this awesome module! Another person I want to thank is RayhanADev, who inspired JBloves27 and darkdarcool to create the module. I would also like to thank ch1ck3n for helping out on creating this module. So, big thanks to ch1ck3n!

Something Else

If there are any bugs or errors in the program, please let me know and I'll try to fix it. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy using this program! Also, I just wanted to point out that I am horrible at markdown.
-FoxJava (You can just call me FJ)


Big thanks to JBloves27 and darkdarcool for providing

I helped too :C


@ch1ck3n I'll add you to the credits section too.


@ch1ck3n I'm sorry if I offended you though by not adding you in the credits section before.


@FoxJava If you are looking for a fast way to fetch user info, just make a GET request to It will return a lotta info in a short time. Add ?count=true for the number of posts, comments, and repls.