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Repl tower defence
AllAwesome497 (399)

This is my repl tower defence. I didn't get to do as much as i wanted, as i ran out of time, but here it is.

Support Towers:

$3000 Amjad (because he is the ceo, he pushes workers to work harder)
$400 Katya (because she helps with community, and isnt an engineer)
$2000 Haya (because she makes repl look good)
$800 Maka (also bc hes community)

Attack Towers

$3000 Timchen (bc he is the best a very good (and helpful) programmer
$700 Faris (bc he is one of the coders of repl, and i really dont know anything about him lol)
$1500 Rob (bc hes software engineer and he does/did a lot with polygott) (and if he works, basically a sniper, idk, i had to add him last minute)
$200 Moudy (bc i really dont know what he does, he is newest to repl work force, and i needed a starter tower)
$1000 Mason (bc i really wanted to make her shoot toast) (btw those toast projectiles are op)

Also, final wave takes a while to start
I really hope i didn't miss any repl team members...

NeilYe (5)

uhh, I got a pacage error

Nanowrimoijk (63)

why do i keep wining without doing anything?

AllAwesome497 (399)

crap! forgot to remove that :(