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Repl User Information API!!!
EpicCodeWizard (10)

Hey everyone! First post here, so let's begin. Quite a while ago, I found out about authentication with replit. Ever since then, I was wondering, why do you only get the username, user ID, and roles from a user? So, about a month ago, I started researching a bit and found @mat1's python repltalk lib. Using that, a bit of my knowledge, replit's internal API, some web scraping, and a bit more stuff, I created the Repl User Information API. The repl is attached, but here's the link for easy access: I know that others can make a simple program to convert the JSON into a User object, make the program faster, make this into a library, make this in other languages, and much more. Sorry for the slow/messy code. Any help to make the code better is appreciated. Note: Most of the time, @amasad gives an incomplete JSON of information, I am trying to fix that. Also, the webpage takes a long time to load. Sample User Information (@amasad's) - I have worked very hard on this, so please upvote, comment, and/or share this post. If there is a repetitive error, or if there is a takedown request, feel free to email me at [email protected].

EpicCodeWizard (10)

@ch1ck3n Thanks! I still made this, as it provides all of that information, and much more. I think the only thing in the link you provided has extra, compared to mine, is whether the user is a team or not.

EpicCodeWizard (10)

@ch1ck3n Also, how many's are there? I have heard of the one you posted and repls, which returns information about a repl.

EpicCodeWizard (10)

@ch1ck3n The API is deprecated, and that is why I was asking how many's are there? I know there is the profiles endpoint and the repls endpoint.

pyelias (2642)

wait since when did i make a repl talk api

ch1ck3n (2077)

Hey ima use this for my project