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Repl Talk Twitter Bot 🤖
mat1 (4427)

Repl Talk Twitter Bot

See the bot in action here

This bot automatically checks hot posts on Repl Talk, and posts them on Twitter.
More specifically, it checks the top 10 hottest posts on Repl Talk, and if the post has at least ten upvotes, it tweets it along with the title, author, and url.

Please upvote this post if you found this cool or useful :)

ChezCoder (1606)


Edit: can you do me a favor? You don't have to if you don't want but Thanks a lot!

mat1 (4427)

@ChezCoder The Repl isn't supposed to be run by other people since it's just showing the source code. You can see it in action on Twitter (@replittalk) though



mat1 (4427)

@CoolJames1610 Thank you! Mind upvoting the post? ;)


Sure! And also I'm trending on repl and I'm happy!!! @mat1