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Reflux Marketplace
CoolCoderSJ (617)

Helo once again,

Reflux is a great tool for having custom themes in the replit ide.

Example -

However, users have to make their own or pick a preset. To solve that, I made Reflux Marketplace. See here Here you can preview themes, as well as copy the code necesary for that theme.

(Also ping me on replit discord (SnowCoder#5223) if you want a Tampermonkey version for any of the themes)

Kronifer (14)

woohoo internal server error

CoolCoderSJ (617)

@Kronifer please read the message, we are changing our db, hence the errors.

CoolCoderSJ (617)

@Kronifer hey its back up if u want to check it out!

CoolCoderSJ (617)

@alanchen12 thanks!

if u thonk it’s cool, pls upvote

Vandesm14 (2737)

The repl does not exist. Did you attach the wrong one?

CoolCoderSJ (617)

@Vandesm14 ah i forgot to make it public after i was done, it should work now