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Ragdoll Simulation - Harder to move than understand
candies (240)

Ragdoll Simulation

What is this?

This is a simulation of a ragdoll that learns to walk and move along the way. You have to control its arms and legs to allow it to learn.

What was it developed in?

It was made in Javascript and HTML. and slightly CSS. Didn't take me that long to make!



  • talkative Helped me with the Javascript and the movement with the ragdoll. He made it hard so that it can simulate how it is in the real world. Give applause to him in the comments 👏


  • I helped myself by formatting the code of the Simulation with my own format tool. I also scripted the CSS, HTML, and half of the Javascript.


  • Although he doesn't have a repl account, he did help with the physics of the game or simulation. He helped a lot with the javascript too.


Website down? Try this link:

Please share your thoughts on this, and how I can improve it. Anyway, Best of luck to you Replers