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r3b0rn (27)

Created by: @r3b0rn
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Ball glitching out of map-fixed
player occasionally leaving map-fixing

tipollae (38)

Great game! You should also use a jquery (jquery is a javascript library) for the player movement, it will make your movement for the player more smooth, I will link the code:

How to use this library:

copy paste that code you see in it and put it in a new script in your repl/project, link the script to the HTML: " <script src = "yourScript.js"></script> "

now that you have done that copy this code and put it on your script for the game (not the jquery script):

After that copy paste this somewhere in a function (Yeah I know a lot is needed to be copy and pasted :p):

If you still don't understand what I am saying here's a link of the forked version of your game:

but with all that aside, great game! (also you don't have to use the jquery but I'm just saying)

r3b0rn (27)

@Cheesehasman thanks! ill note that for next time

Bunnytoes (231)

I also glitched it but great job :D

tankerguy1917 (180)

Noice. I glitched it out and made the ball disappear, so infinite points.

r3b0rn (27)

@tankerguy1917 im aware of that trying to fix that

tankerguy1917 (180)

@r3b0rn Its fine, I thought it was pretty neet.

r3b0rn (27)

@tankerguy1917 thanks, do you think you know the cause to the problem btw?

tankerguy1917 (180)

@r3b0rn I moved all the way to the left of the screen, then it moved me to the bottom left and the ball kind of just disappeared.