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REPLangs! A Tiny Yet Awesome Program!
RayhanADev (2594)

Ever wanted to have one of those tiny little widgets on Github that tell you what percent of your project is composed of what language?

Well presenting...


Horrible name, I need a better one. You get a shoutout if you can come up with one!

This is a small terminal program made in NodeJS and uses my to display your project stats :D!

Try it out HERE!

By querying the Replit RESTful API, my package is able to pull the data, then I slice off the file extension, note the amount of their appearances, compare it against my "database" and switcheroo any familiar file extensions with their actual names and display the data in a graphically appeasing format!


I created a small API to get the data, send GET requests to[username]/[slug] to get REPLangs data!

TL;DR it's kewl

So try it out, and drop a picture of your project in the comments below! Any suggestions, let me know too!

Also, off-topic but I'm looking for more examples using of my package and might host an unofficial "jam" to get unique projects featured on the package. Any thoughts?

RayhanADev (2594)

Come up with a decent name everyone likes, you get a shoutout on this post :D.

Th3Coder (136)

@RayhanADev actually, I think REPLangs is already a great name!

Also, I learnt readline.question, console.clear, and the colors module from your code (I hope that is allowed...) so thanks!

RayhanADev (2594)

@Th3Coder alrighty xD

also it's a-okay to learn anything from my code, I'm glad I could help lmao

VulcanWM (2874)

Woah this is nice!

VulcanWM (2874)

also congrats on 2k cycles ur rising fast! @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2594)

@VulcanWM haha thank you xD. It's been almost a year but yeah I guess I am rising pretty quick.

elipie (355)

hmm i wonder who came up with idea and didnt get credit

thinking really hard rn

jk, you did great with this project and i would like to do more projects with you(i took a break from coding so i haven't been on repl a lot lately) Also teach me how to do this plssssssss.

Also you did all the coding and probs forgot about me(remember i am a pie in the trash) so i can understand for you giving no credit.

RayhanADev (2594)

@elipie ELI! Long time no see dude, what's up!

Also wait wot?

My memory is shorter than the life of a fruit fly please tell me please

Also, let's do something what's your idea :)

elipie (355)

@RayhanADev Hey, yeah long time no see, remember in 2020 like i told you: hey it would be cool if there was something like github, for replit. Then I took a break from coding and then you seemed to have taken the project under your arms.

Also idk, we should brainstorm this (also im in school rn and not supposed to be on replit, so i might not be able to talk)

RayhanADev (2594)

@darkdarcool ping!
I finally polished up this API, and it works :)
Here's an example:
the API route is (case sensitive):[username]/[slug]

I hope it's any bit useful for y'all's project

Whippingdot (678)

@RayhanADev uses the most poggy languages in his project


JBloves27 (1903)

Hmmm, is it ok if i add this to our module? (Replapi)

Whippingdot (678)

why would I? I have exams, I can't afford to lose time and knock myself out @RayhanADev

G0RG3 (64)

@Whippingdot same, I got SOLs and btw I think @RayhanADev meant it figuratively...?

Whippingdot (678)

i know he did i can't even make jokes anymore WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA My exams are dun now BTW @YashasShah