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Quiz API
VulcanWM (2886)

This is a Quiz API I randomly decided to make because I was bored.
The Github repo has everything you need to know.
If you want to know how to use this API in Python, click here
If you want to know how to use this API in NodeJS, click here
I have very few questions right now so if you have any quiz questions suggestions, submit them here
If you have any other features suggestions or need to report bugs, just comment below.
Hope you have fun using this!

XanthusPettitt (10)

cool! I failed completely XD

XanthusPettitt (10)

@VulcanWM oh yeah since this is a coding site, why not add a coding topic, like "when was python, html, c++, ect created?" or something.

Whippingdot (678)

too lazy...but cause it is you POG

FlaminHotValdez (714)

Me being the booknerd I am added a question about Throne of glass.

VulcanWM (2886)

lmfao, lemme just verify that @FlaminHotValdez

JBloves27 (1901)


I feel like its been a long time since you've posted

VulcanWM (2886)

Yeah school’s got me really busy @JBloves27

JBloves27 (1901)

ah, ok. that makes sense lol @VulcanWM

FlaminHotValdez (714)

@VulcanWM I feeeeeeeeeel you...

School is to me as an anchor is to a sinking boat.

VulcanWM (2886)

Added a new category books especially for u lmao @FlaminHotValdez

FlaminHotValdez (714)

@VulcanWM ayyyyyyyy thanks!!! books go brrrrr