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Q&A site with Golang complete!
Kudos (111)

Check out my 2 weeks of hard dedication and 600 lines of backend code here PROUDLY MADE IN GOLANG:

Don't use it in an embedded frame! There is a domain lock.
It goes to sleep and takes a long time to wake up, so that's another problem.
This is one of my first projects for Golang and this is a good start!
I hope you like it though! Please notify me of any bugs if you find some.

SpoonyTheGreat (1)

wow, this is amazing

Coder100 (16756)

Wow!! Really awesome! But try to put off with the alert()s and make

these when you hover over them have cursor: pointer;. Great job!! Really like how the login with google fits in with the rest of the page.

Kudos (111)

I'll replace the alerts, confirms, and prompts with bootstrap modals soon. I did the cursor: pointer thing though.