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Python Website with Login
Nayoar (574)

Hello human,
Recently I've been learning about writing websites in python using Flask so I thought I'd share this. You can create an account and log in, and once you are logged in you stay logged in until you log out, meaning I could actually make it do something once you're logged in.
One big problem at the moment though is that anyone can access the account details and find out the usernames and passwords. At somepoint I'll make it use an online database instead.
EDIT: I've just come up with a fix for that - encrypt passwords using a key stored in .env, meaning nobody can decrypt them, but the website can because it's running from my account
EDIT #2: I've seriously beefed up the encryption system, and it's also a 1-way encryption - overkill perhaps? Anyways, anybody who can DM me on Discord (minx28#1242) the correct password to the account minx28 will get something or other (i haven't decided yet)

Xag803 (1)

This is cool, I keep getting Internal Server Errors every time i try to create a account and login though.